Loan Modification vs. Short Sale vs. Deed in Lieu

Afraid you may lose your home? A loan modification or short sale may be the answer. Our Columbus, Ohio, foreclosure attorneys draw on years of experience in negotiating and achieving mortgage modifications and short sales.

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A loan modification may lower your interest rate and monthly payment, which will make your housing more affordable. It may also extend the repayment term and provide relief from the payments you missed. Sometimes this is done be taking the payments you missed and building them back into the loan.

A short sale is when you sell your house for less than the amount owed, with the difference forgiven. A deed in lieu is when you simply transfer the title to your home to your lender sometimes with the lender even paying you for it – which is commonly referred to as cash for keys.

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When it comes to helping clients receive loan modifications, our goal is to enable you to stay in your home, reduce your mortgage payments, and put more money aside to pay other bills you may have been struggling to meet.

With a mortgage modification, your lender will change the terms of your home loan to make it more affordable to you. In doing so, your lender may reduce your interest rate, forgive some of your principal balance, or extend the length of your loan.

If you are facing a foreclosure and you are not sure if a mortgage modification is right for you, contact the lawyers at Jump Legal to find out more. We can help you fill out your paperwork and make sure that you submit the proper documentation.

Short Sale and Real Estate Lawyers

If your house is worth less than what is owed, a short sale enables you to sell your house for less than the amount that remains outstanding on the mortgage. A short sale also includes an agreement that the lender will not pursue the amount that remains to be paid on the mortgage after the house is sold.

The short sale attorneys at Jump Legal can negotiate your short sale to make sure that your bank does not take advantage of you. As experienced real estate lawyers, we can explain your financial hardship, and provide the required documentation to your lender, in terms they are more likely to accept.

If you need a loan modification or short sale to save your home, call the Columbus, Ohio, real estate attorneys at Jump Legal. We want to help you get rid of your debt and change your life; but you can’t change your financial future until you start the process. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation; you will always speak with an attorney and all communications remain confidential.



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