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Debt can feel overwhelming, stressful, and negatively impact your quality of life. If you feel like you’ll never get out of debt, or are tired of harassing calls from credit card companies and debt collectors, it’s time to take a closer look at your debt relief options. The attorneys at Jump Legal Group in Columbus, OH can find the right solutions to help you get out of debt and create a stronger financial future for yourself and your family. Our team has years of experience and can assist with a range of debt relief options. We’ll answer your questions, discuss your concerns, provide helpful resources, and explain the debt solutions available to you based on your specific circumstances and needs. We’ll also assist in implementing your debt resolutions so you always feel supported. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get out of debt.

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Credit Card Debt Solutions

If you feel like you’re drowning in credit card debt, our Columbus, Ohio debt relief attorneys can offer assistance. We offer legal guidance that’s non-judgmental and helps you feel more confident in your ability to get out of debt. We can assist with a variety of credit card debt relief options, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy as well as non-bankruptcy options like debt settlement.

Filing for bankruptcy can be scary, but there are many situations where it’s the best option for getting out of debt. Chapter 7 allows you to wipe out credit card debt at one time. Chapter 13 is for people whose income is too high to quality for chapter 7. With Chapter 13, you can reduce the amount of money you must pay back, and use a payment plan to pay off the remaining debt over time. In most cases, the money in your retirement accounts and college tuition fund is safe and you can file without losing that saved money.

Debt settlement is a non-bankruptcy option for getting out of debt where you agree to pay either reduced payments or a reduced lump sum payment, and creditors consider your debt to be fully paid. Let the experienced debt attorneys at Jump Legal Group in Ohio help you determine the best way to get out of credit card debt.

Stop Harassment from Credit Card Companies

Tired of harassment from credit card companies and debt collectors? Our attorneys can put an end to the constant phone calls. When you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Ohio, creditors are required to stop contacting you directly. If they continue, you can sue. There are also consumer protection statutes in place to help prevent creditor harassment, even if you don’t file. Creditors must follow these statutes, and if they break them, you can sue. The Team at Jump Legal Group can support you in getting relief from creditor harassment.

File for Bankruptcy in Ohio

Our services include assistance filing for bankruptcy. If we decide this is the best way to help you get out of debt, a Jump Legal Group attorney will provide helpful resources and walk you through the processes to make the experience as smooth as possible. When you’re unable to pay back the money you owe, bankruptcy allows you to either discharge your debts or create a payment plan to repay a reduced amount of the debt.

Chapter 7 is typically for people with a lower income and allows people to wipe out unsecured debt such as medical bills, specific taxes, and credit card debt and doesn’t require a payment plan. Chapter 13 is typically for people with a higher income and allows people to create a monthly payment plan to repay a portion of the money they owe. The experts at Jump Legal Group in Columbus, Ohio can assist you in determining if Chapter 7 or 13 is the best way for you to get out of debt.

Debt Settlement

If you have credit card debt that you can’t pay off, debt settlement may be a good option for you. In debt settlement, we assist in facilitating a debt resolution where you agree to pay back a reduced amount of the money you owe, and creditors agree to accept that amount as payment in full. We can help negotiate a debt repayment plan to reduce the amount of unsecured debt you need to pay back, which may include reducing money owed for medical debt, credit card debt, private student loans, and collection accounts. Often times, we can settle credit card debt for less than half of what is owed. If credit card debt is the only kind of debt you have, debt settlement can be a great option because it allows you keep your assets, such as your car or house.

Another type of debt settlement is a lump sum settlement. Instead of paying reduced payments, you agree to pay a reduced lump sum. To do this, you may be able to take out a line of credit via a second mortgage, do a hardship withdraw from your 401k, or set up a savings account at Jump Legal Group. We’re happy to serve as your debt settlement company and discuss the different ways you can benefit from debt settlement.

Why is Debt Consolidation NOT the Answer?

Our Ohio firm does not provide debt consolidation services. Debt consolidation is often no less damaging to your credit than other common debt relief solutions, and it can take years for people to repay their debts this way. During the time spent making payments to debt consolidation agencies, your credit report will show that you have not repaid your creditor, and you will lose time that could have been spent going through the bankruptcy process and re-establishing credit.

With debt consolidation, you could pay thousands of dollars to a debt consolidation company without your creditor getting paid, leaving you vulnerable to lawsuits and wage garnishments. Agreements with debt consolidation businesses are not always legally binding, once again leaving you vulnerable to getting sued.

Why is Debt Consolidation NOT the Answer?
Student Loan Debt Relief

Student Loan Debt Relief

At Jump Legal Group, we offer student loan debt management and debt elimination services to help you reduce or erase your debt. We start by learning more about your debt situation, including whether your loans are private or federal. The debt relief opportunities available to you will depend in part upon the type of student loan you have. Debt relief is often greater for federal student loans than private student loans. There are also student loan debt relief programs to consider if you have federal loans.

We’ll write up an analysis of the debt management or debt elimination options available to you. We’ll discuss your options and support you in implementing the solution you choose. Our Ohio attorneys are experts in student loan debt and can assist students struggling to pay off debt.

Additional Debt Management Resources in Columbus, Ohio

At Jump Legal Group in Columbus, Ohio, we offer a wide range of resources and services to help you get out of debt. Our team has a wealth of knowledge in all things debt relief and is ready to provide guidance and assistance in debt reduction and debt cancellation. In addition to finding the right debt solution for you, we can help stop home foreclosure, car repossession, wage garnishment, and automatic payments on your payday loan. We can also help you get relief from IRS tax debt.

Additional Debt Management Resources in Columbus, Ohio

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Are you ready to finally get out of debt and change your life? The debt attorneys at Jump Legal Group in Ohio are ready to assist. We’ll discuss your debt situation, answer any questions you have, and achieve debt resolution based on your specific circumstances and needs. With more than 20 years of experience, we are knowledgeable of laws and programs regarding debt and debt relief, and will work with you to achieve a favorable outcome.

At Jump legal, we take a compassionate approach to attorney-client relationships and always work with our clients’ best interests in mind. We are results-driven and determined to assist you in getting free from debt. Plus, we don’t have hidden fees, and you’ll receive an explanation of costs up front.

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