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Facing Foreclosure?

The thought of foreclosure can be scary and stressful. You don’t want to lose your house, but it seems inevitable.

If you are facing foreclosure in Columbus, Ohio, you don’t have to lose your home. The foreclosure attorneys at Jump Legal law firm have a solid track record of success keeping families in their homes – without filing for bankruptcy! Our lawyers have hundreds of success stories that involve stopping sheriff sales and modifying mortgages with lower interest rates, longer terms, and/or lower balances. They can help you, too.

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Foreclosure is a legal process that occurs when a lender seizes and sells a home in order to recover owed money after a borrower fails to pay a certain number of mortgage payments. Foreclosure is typically the result of significant financial changes due to medical issues, job loss, divorce, or numerous debts.
Prior to foreclosure, there is a pre-foreclosure process. Once a person stops making mortgage payments on their Ohio property, they’ll receive a notice that their payment is past due. After 90 days of missed mortgage payments, the homeowner goes into default. If payment is not settled during the reinstatement period, the property goes into foreclosure and is auctioned in a sheriff’s sale. If the house is not sold during the auction, it becomes a real estate owned (REO) property owned by the bank. Finally, the property’s occupants are evicted.
This does not have to happen to you. If you’re facing foreclosure in Columbus, Ohio, let the foreclosure lawyers at Jump Legal law firm help.

Bankruptcy Alternatives in Ohio

Filing for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy can temporarily prevent your Ohio home from entering foreclosure, but it’s not an ideal solution. Fortunately, Ohio law provides a variety of dependable, legally enforceable alternatives in home foreclosure situations, including:

Home Loan Modification

Loan modification involves adjusting the terms of an existing loan contract. Modifications may include extending the period of time that the borrower has to repay the missed payments, reducing the loan’s interest rate, changing the existing loan to a different type of loan, or a combination of these. Ohio lawyers can help you negotiate these terms.

Benefits of a Home Loan Modification

Home loan modification makes it easier for consumers to afford their payments to lenders and allows them to stay in their homes. Law offices like Jump Legal or a foreclosure defense attorney can assist you with the application process, which may include submitting tax returns and income information.

Home Loan Modification
Short Sale

Short Sale

In the event of a short sale, a house is sold to a third party for less than what is owed. The lender can then either forgive the difference or use a deficiency judgment to obtain the difference from the borrower.

Benefits of a Short Sale

Short sale claims are less detrimental to homeowners’ credit than foreclosures. Short sales also allow consumers to reduce or eliminate the mortgage debt they owe to lenders. You can work with law offices like Jump Legal when requesting a short sale, which may require you to provide your federal tax returns and other financial documents.

Deed in Lieu

A deed in lieu of foreclosure is an agreement where the homeowner transfers the deed of the house to the bank in exchange for no longer being responsible for mortgage payments. While the tenants will have to vacate the property, this saves the borrower and the bank the hassle of dealing with a lengthy and costly foreclosure process.

Benefits of a Deed in Lieu

While homeowners must move out and might still have to pay some tax money, deed in lieu claims allow homeowners to be free of the responsibility to pay the remainder of their mortgages.

Deed in Lieu
Strategic Walkaways with Cash for Keys Settlements

Strategic Walkaways with Cash for Keys Settlements

In a cash for keys agreement, the lender offers the Ohio homeowner a lump sum of money to pay for their relocation costs. In return, the homeowner agrees to vacate the property by a set deadline and leave the house in an acceptable condition.

Benefits of a Cash for Keys Settlement

While you must move out, you’ll receive money to help pay for relocation costs. You’ll also avoid the foreclosure process, which is more damaging to your credit.

Avoid Foreclosure and Sheriff Sales

Contact the Jump Legal law firm office to learn more about your options and hire representation for your case. A Jump Legal foreclosure defense attorney will review your Ohio mortgage paperwork to make sure your lender is playing by the rules. If they are not, our lawyers will stop them dead in their tracks. Our commitment to helping is inspired by a track record of successful litigation and loss mitigation strategies within a state court foreclosure proceeding.

Our Ohio foreclosure defense lawyers are here to privately discuss your financial circumstances and concerns, present your options, and help you avoid foreclosures and sheriff sales. Jump Legal has offices throughout the city for your convenience. Contact our law firm today to schedule your free consultation.

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