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Did Your Car Get Repossessed?

The Columbus, Ohio, attorneys at Jump Legal have prevented and reversed vehicle repossessions for thousands of clients. Having a car is important; it gets you to and from work, takes your children to school and is there in case of emergencies. We understand that good people fall upon hard times and there is no shame in needing some help now and then.

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Many people think bankruptcy is only used to eliminate debt. Our repossession lawyers know that bankruptcy can also help you keep or recover your property. These matters are time-sensitive, though. Fortunately, our law firm has vast experience with these complicated processes and can act quickly.

Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Prevent Your Car Loan Lender From Repossessing Your Car

Once your Chapter 13 is filed, your car is immediately protected through what is called an automatic stay. The lender cannot repossess your car until the bankruptcy judge approves your repayment plan. And if your repayment plan includes your car loan’s back payments, the lender cannot repossess your car during and after the bankruptcy as long as you stay current on your payments.

If your car has been repossessed by the lender but they have not resold it yet, as soon as you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy they have to stop everything. The lender cannot try to sell your car without asking the court and giving you notice through the bankruptcy. We can use this time to negotiate with the lender and create new terms.

If Your Car Was Repossessed, You May Be Able to Get It Back!

If your lender repossessed your vehicle because you were late on your payments but you are not in default of the contract, call the lawyers at Jump Legal today!
If your lender accepted late payments in the past without declaring a default, or has changed the terms in your contract and repossessed your car, call us today!
If you are in the military and your lender repossessed your car without a court order, call us!
If your lender used physical force against you, threatened you physically, or took your car from a closed garage in order to repossess it, speak to our attorneys!
If Your Car Was Repossessed, You May Be Able to Get It Back!
What is a Deficiency Balance?

What is a Deficiency Balance?

A deficiency balance is the difference between the balance of your loan and the amount your lender sells the repossessed vehicle for. If your lender sues you for this amount, the Jump Legal law firm can help.

Jump Legal offers many options to stop repossession by applying all of the powers provided to clients under the Bankruptcy Code. As a result, we can help clients understand their legal options when it comes to preventing repossession in the first place or recovering property that has been recently repossessed.

If your car was repossessed, call the Columbus, Ohio, lawyers at Jump Legal. We’ll give you the opportunity to get rid of your debt and change your life; but you can’t change your financial future until you start the process. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation; you will always speak with an attorney and all communications remain confidential.

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