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Stop creditors and debt collectors from calling today! The harassment attorneys from Jump Legal law firm, in Columbus, Ohio, can help stop creditor harassment. You may even be entitled to statutory damages or eligible to be a class-action plaintiff to ensure others are not victims of the same harassment.

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When you receive creditor calls it can be stressful, and the collector on the other end of the phone can make you feel helpless. It can rattle you and interfere with your family and work life. Contrary to what abusive creditors may have told you, they do NOT have the right to call and harass you whenever they want just because you owe them money.
Because debt resolution is our focus, we have a tremendous amount of experience helping individuals in debt who have been harassed. You may or may not qualify for – or even need – a bankruptcy. In fact, this may not matter when it comes to stopping illegal creditor calls.

Our Harassment Lawyers Help Stop Debt Collector Phone Calls

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) only applies to Collectors and protects you the consumer from harassing, oppressive or abusive debt collection tactics. You have the legal right to be treated with truth, fairness, dignity and respect


Collectors are required to cease and desist, if asked


Collectors cannot collect any debt not owed by you or without proper documentation and notice sometimes called the mini-Miranda statement

Collectors cannot engage in any conduct that is unfair, untrue, undignified or disrespectful, if they do, you can sue them under the FDCPA and recover $1,000.00 of statutory damage , plus actual damages
Your attorney is free because the statute requires that the collector pay your attorney fees and costs!
You must bring your case within one (1) year of the violation
Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)
We will litigate individual and class-action cases
Collectors, Creditors and Non-Creditors (i.e. telemarketers) cannot, without your consent, call or text you on your mobile phone if using an auto-dialed telephone system or robo calls
Creditors and Non-Creditors cannot call you even on your home or land line
Violators will be liable to you for $500.00 per call or if done willfully and knowingly $1,500.00 per call. The damages may be staggering
You must bring your case within four (4) years of the violation

Experienced Consumer Protection Attorneys – We Sue Debt Collectors!

If you want to stop creditor harassment, you need a credit attorney. Our Columbus, Ohio, law firm has an experienced legal team that can assess your legal options; but you can’t change your situation until you start the process. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation; you will always speak with an attorney and all communications remain confidential.

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