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Our bankruptcy attorneys in Columbus, Ohio, want to help you change your life. Financial stress can cause paralysis, and doing nothing may turn out to be catastrophic. Instead, speak with a bankruptcy attorney at Jump Legal. We are experienced, knowledgeable and discreet and can explain how bankruptcy may help you.

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Many of our clients come to us thinking there is only one kind of bankruptcy. Worse, they mistakenly believe that a bankruptcy is only a matter of filling out some forms. Our bankruptcy lawyers will help you understand all of your options and know your rights under the Bankruptcy Code.
For example, if you have assets that you may lose under Chapter 7, or you’ve fallen behind on mortgage payments, schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys to learn how Chapter 13 will help you.
Benefits of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Benefits of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:


Protects Your Home from Foreclosure

Car Repossession

Protects Your Car from Repossession

Wage Garnishments

Protects Your Wages from Garnishment

Creditor Harassment

Stops Debt Collectors from Harassing You

Allows You to Actually Eliminate an Underwater 2nd or 3rd Mortgage

Allows You to Actually Eliminate an Underwater 2nd or 3rd Mortgage

Allows You to Create Future Equity in Your Home

Allows You to Create Future Equity in Your Home

We Can File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for as Little as $310 Down!

Also known as a “reorganization” bankruptcy or a debt adjustment plan, with Chapter 13 you keep your property. Often used by individuals who have too high of an income level to qualify for Chapter 7, Chapter 13 can help people who are behind on their house or car payments. And while Chapter 13 requires a payment to a Trustee, it does not mean you must pay all of your debt back in full. To the contrary, most Chapter 13 plans only pay about ten percent (10%) of what is owed. As an example, someone who owes $50,000.00 of credit card debt may only be required to pay $5,000.00 – and will have five (5) years to do it.

With Chapter 13 you will have a monthly repayment schedule, using your income to pay off a portion of your debts over time. As pointed out above, Chapter 13 also eliminates debt because whatever you cannot afford to pay in your Chapter 13 will be wiped out once your plan completes through a discharge order.

Protect Your Home, Car and Other Assets with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Whether you need help getting caught up on your mortgage or you want to lower your car payments, no case is too small. All of your assets are protected in a court-protected Chapter 13 repayment plan, and your payment amount is based on your non-exempt assets and your income, after allowed expenses.

Protect Your Home, Car and Other Assets with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Eliminate Your Mortgage and Rebuild Equity in Your Home with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy!

Imagine your future without a second or third mortgage taking all of your equity from your home. Chapter 13 has the ability to eliminate mortgages and, in many ways, is the best and most effective use of bankruptcy.

Many people have 2nd mortgages, and these liens prevent the future appreciation of your home to result in any equity. Once these liens are removed, you will be able to start building equity in your home again. Many clients elect to file Chapter 13 in order to take advantage of this benefit.

Get a Financial Fresh Start!

Get a Financial Fresh Start!

We regularly assist clients in building successful plans. Working closely with you, our experienced legal team will help you put together a budget, value assets, characterize debts and more. All of this with one goal in mind – to eliminate as much debt as possible to provide you with a fresh financial start.

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will repay your debts through monthly payments that are spread out over three to five years and your repayment amount is based on your assets, your income and your expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for your debt?

Many people will file Chapter 13 because they risk losing assets in a Chapter 7 or their income is too high to qualify for Chapter 7 debt relief.

Should I still file Chapter 13 even though I qualify for Chapter 7?

Yes. Even if you qualify for Chapter 7 you may elect to file Chapter 13 instead because it allows you to modify your car loans so that you have a lower monthly payment. Chapter 13 can also help remove additional mortgages on your home.

I am having trouble paying my mortgage payments. If I file Chapter 13, will I be able to keep my home?

Yes. Many people file Chapter 13 for this very reason. Not only can filing Chapter 13 help you keep your home, but a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may also give you the time necessary to catch up missed payments. You will have as long as five (5) years to catch up missed payment, without interest. You may also eliminate completely an underwater second mortgage.

Is Chapter 13 the type of bankruptcy that is also referred to as "Reorganization Bankruptcy?"

Yes. Chapter 13 is also referred to many times as a “court protected repayment plan” or a “plan of reorganization.”

Am I allowed to repay some of my creditors and to choose to not repay others under Chapter 13?

No. You are not allowed to choose which debts to pay and which ones not to repay. In a Chapter 13, all of your debts will be handled through your Chapter 13 trustee.

I’m nervous about committing to a Chapter 13 repayment plan. what if, during the course of my Chapter 13 repayment plan, I lose my job or my income is reduced and I can no longer pay the amount that I am required to pay?

You are able to modify your Chapter 13 plan at any point if your circumstances should change. If you have less income, you may be able to lower your plan payments. If you are temporarily out of work, injured or otherwise unable to make the payments required under your Chapter 13 plan, the court may allow you to suspend payments for a short period of time. If it appears that you will be unable to make your payments due to unemployment, you may need to have your case converted to a Chapter 7.

It is very important to contact your attorney if you ever expect to miss a payment, for any reason.

If I file for Chapter 13, will I have any money left over each month after I make my payment to the trustee? what about money for emergencies such as unexpected medical expenses or car repairs?

You will submit a budget of your income and expenses to the Chapter 13 trustee that will be approved by the bankruptcy court. This budget will have already accounted for anticipated reasonable expenses.

I might be able to qualify for Chapter 7, but I think that Chapter 13 may be a better option for me. how do I know which type of bankruptcy that I should file?

Each case and each client is unique, and we understand that. Our experienced team of attorneys will guide you through this decision-making process. If you are able to eliminate your second mortgage and car loans, it may actually save you money to file Chapter 13 instead of Chapter 7. Exploring all options with our clients is always our focus.

Contact one of our law offices to schedule a free consultation with an attorney.

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